Sep 5, 2008

Pure Embarrassment

Well I have to do it. Let me just say this has not always been this way. I used to have this under control, organized, clean, and well gorgeous but I had to take the shelf out for something more useful and now I'm just stuck on what to do here. So please look at these picture with no disgust but with pity as i have a ton of work to do and no clue where to start.

But before you see them just know the reason I am letting you in on my dirty secret is because I'm appalled by it and I need to make a change. I feel if I let the world know my secret I will be more apt to change the sick reality (keep in mind the rest of my house is very clean and I'm not just saying that).

This my readers is my craft closet. wonderful things come from here but you would never know it from looking at the mess. I need organization fast. So this week that is my task to figure out what to do here and make it organized and well orderly.

On another note I made these yesterday

because I listed them as a link for you guys. I thought they were oh so cool

and they are but for some reason I just cant get mine to look good. Well as good as everyone else. But here they are anyway

There not too bad I'm going to make a place to hang the kids art work with them Ill show you that when its done. Maybe you will have better luck making them if so let me know!

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