May 12, 2008

The new clean room

Finally a room I'm happy when I walk into! I spend over 2 hours cleaning the kids room and even though I know it will be a battle to keep it this was I'm willing to take on that challenge. I love how the room looks. I really cant wait for the kids to get full sized bed but until then this is how their room will look.

The main reason i rearranged the room is because of the super cool train table I have been working on for them you can see it in the picture below. I needed to find room for it and originally I was going to put in in front of the window but I know they would just climb into the window and if I put it in front of the closet door they would just climb up and turn the lights on and off. so I found a spot for it and its great and there is enough room to keep it away from the wall so the can get at it all angles!

Another thing I did was scrub their car carpet I bought that for them fro Christmas from hearth song it is chemical free so its not letting off harmful chemicals for the next 5 years. The carpet says machine wash but I cant see the 6 foot carpet fitting into our machine so i got out the scrub brushes and the kids and I got to work. We dumped on the Liquid sunshine and started scrubbing we all got soaked but it was fun teamwork! Then we rinsed it in the shower and hung it out to dry. It looks great!!!

The last pictures shows the corner that will be their book nook. I'm going to make a TON of pillows and knit a pad for the floor below with some yarn I'm not so in love with. I also have to figure out how to decorate their room and I want to make them a new curtain, so I have lots of work to do!

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Sheri said...

I came across your blog from mothering, and it's so lovely! I love how a clean room feels, too. Now if we could just KEEP it that way, right? :)