Apr 17, 2008

5 mile walk... for this

Before I show you why I walked five miles with 2 kids in a double stroller I want to show off a few picture of some of the things we did last week

first we walked to the YMCA
we had a blast making boats from foil, playing in the ball pit, painting, jumping, to rolling and tumbling. Then the kids got their faces painted! Gavin's is supposed to be a red and yellow cat and somehow Lily has a butterfly (only Justin sees it)

Finally our 5 mile walk, to where you ask. Only the coolest place in Burlington!
First we walked the 5 miles and went to a play ground then a little farther we found a path in the woods we walked down it and found this....

so we followed it only to find the coolest tree house ever!
Gavin was scared and he is not the type to be scared of much. He would not walk around on it unless he was glued to my leg and holding my hand Lily the one who is scared of heights love it, I don't think she realized she was up high in a tree. anyway this is such a cool spot, I can wait to go back and have lunch here!


Jen said...

Just met you on Etsy and you have adorable kids. That is a cool tree house! Great blog!
-10oneworld on Etsy
-Jennifer in real life

Jen said...
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Karma by Morgan said...

that is a sick tree house!!! awesome day

Undead Molly said...
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