Mar 15, 2008

The more the better... right

Well Ive been crafting so much I don't know what I have anymore. I went thought my stuff and found things I didn't have posted. Like these lovely tags...

I remember making them and loving them as much as I still do but I never posted them on etsy. Whats wrong with me. I guess I am too unorganized.

I also found this... I love the colors of this yarn is it 100% cotton yarn I got from a local shop and when I look at it it makes me want to buy 5 more skeins of it. It would be a lovely summer tank or even skirt for Lily. She hates skirts thought so I might have to make a tank with it. That reminds me, I'm in the process of making a tank for my etsy shop I thought long and hard about what people might want for summer and when knitting is you hobby that's hard to do. So i realized I love all the tanks I have made my daughter so why wouldn't others love them for theirs right?

So anyway my task for the week... get organized! I need to figure out some way to organize that mess of a craft closet that works. I need to be able to open the door and know exactly where my orange sissors and red buttons are! So tomorrow I will begin. I will be taking before and after pictures so that way I know I have to prove myself!

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