Mar 20, 2008


Being a child is such an amazing thing. Their little minds just go go go. This is Gavin's "water park" fully equipped with water falls, sprayers, spinners, and shooters. Who knew you could turn a pile of magnetic blocks into a water park?
I wish I could just forget all my worries, put down my todo list and imagine the way his little mind does.

Today was an interesting day as soon as I woke up I was on the move. Making sausage while Justin made eggs and fired potatoes then laundry and a complete overhaul of the kids room. Those kids have so many toys, I know everyone says it but its so true. The worst part, when ever i go through their stuff, I say to myself oh i should knit such and such to go with that and by the time I'm done I have 5 knew knitting projects. After cleaning their room I was off to fold and put away all that laundry ugh. I cant wait for the yucky weather to go away so I can get my stuff back out on the line. I cant begin to tell you how excited I am to have clothes smell like the lake. Did you know the lake had a smell, its so yummy! I love living here!

So here is my new project,

yup not to far I know but I just started it so give me a break. I'm making Gavin a hoodie for the cool days of summer. I keep making things for sweet Lily and feel so bad because I just have no clue what to knit Gavin besides hats and winter stuff and I'm so sick of winter and all the "stuff" that goes along with it. Anyway I'm not at all crazy about this yarn but Gavin picked it out. I like letting him pick because he is much more likely to actually wear the finished product. Ill keep you posted!

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