Apr 30, 2007

this is strange

i feel a little funny writing on a blog but honestly i wanted a place to show off- he he. It's kind of like giving a speech where you can't see the audience, a little odd. But ill try it out. these days everyone has a blog and a place to show off things theve done. i also have a picture site because i take so many damn pictures of EVERYTHING. But i cant really just talk there. My whole life ive wanted to have a journal just to be able to express myself more and be able to look back and see what i thought years ago. maybe this will be like my journal. who knows.


Ed Johnson said...

This is kind of like keeping a diary ... but anyone can look. How about keeping a journal also in pen & ink. That's something you can look back on anytime.

Pete Richards (at work) writes in his journal every day ... usually things that happened that day. He can tell anyone at the station the date they started working there ... the weather each day, etc. People kind of laugh at him ... but they go right to him to find stuff out.

It's something that I wish I'd done in the past. Maybe I'll start ... and give it 5 minutes a day.

Love Dad

Corri Taylor said...

i have a hard time keeping a journal because i dont like my handwritting or i dont like the book im doing it in i guess im too picky but i also like being able to add pictures to this one. obviousley i wont be putting all of me deep thought since people will be reading it but im bound to be more open here.