Jul 8, 2008

The hair queen

Lily loves to have "buttons in her hair" we started collecting hair clips a few months back and her collection is starting to get pretty big, she wanted to try them all on at once and I thought its be cute too so we put them all in. Gavin helped of course.

We also like fancy hair ties (Lily not so much) so I made a few more for her. I pulled out the tiny scraps and Lily helped pick out what she wanted and also helped me press the buttons. I thought if she helped she would be more likely to wear them so here they are aren't they sweet!

From tiny fabric pieces to super cute hair ties! Recycling rocks!

1 comment:

Mindy said...

Hey there! Some of those fabrics look familier! Thats a awesome idea, Im glad you were able to do something with those!! leave it you!!